The Scourge of the Internet: Political Panhandlers

Lloyd Lofthouse

This is a rant about political panhandlers sending out emails asking for donations.

When I was still a child, I remember my dad’s reason for not voting. He said, “All politicians are liars and crooks and can’t be trusted.”

But as soon as I was old enough, I voted anyway. Because even if all politicians are liars and crooks, some are more dangerous than others. So, unlike my parents, I’ve been voting for decades.

I do not disagree with my dad that all elected politicians are liars, but I think a glass half-full is better than one with no bottom that can’t hold water. That’s why I fact check and spend valuable time learning about who I end up voting for. I don’t want to vote for anyone that’s a bottomless glass.

Still, I want the email political panhandlers to stop begging for money that would bankrupt me and make…

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