Nationalism and wars

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This video from the USA is called Jeremy Scahill on Democracy Now! – Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield.

By Gordon Parsons in Britain:

Nationalism And War
edited by John A Hall and Sinisa Malesevic (Cambridge University Press, £19.99)

Sunday 07 July 2013

The contributors to this book, all leading historians and social scientists, engage historically, geopolitically, ethnically and economically with the relation between nationalism and war.

In the process they provide a wealth of detail and closely argued commentary on how, when and where both have colluded and collided.

Yet, surprisingly, there is little concern in the 14 essays with how religious fundamentalism fits into the picture.

In their introduction the editors make the point that the popular consensus that nationalism causes war is wrong, observing that “wars had been fought thousands of years before the advent of nationalism.”

Nations are in fact a…

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