The Virtual Wall of one War’s Casualties

The Virtual Wall is an index by state and city of Americans who died in the Vietnam War.

When I learned of the Virtual Wall, I visited to see who died from my home towns.  I started with Pasadena, California where I was born and lived my first two or three years of life. Then I visited Azusa, California where I lived ages 3 to 6.  My last search was for Glendora, California where I lived ages 7 to 19 when I graduated from high school and joined the US Marines.

I counted thirty-one casualties from Pasadena, nine from Azusa and nine from Glendora.

Click on the link above and search for your state and hometown/s to discover who died in Vietnam, and you will be taken to a page that has information about those casualties. Click on an individual’s name and discover more about that person.

Americans who joined the US Military in Glendora, California—who may have attended Glendora High School—and who died in Vietnam were Cummings Jr, Liptak, Smith, Kuebel, Rowles, Talley, Leake Jr, Saunders and Willard Jr.

All of these combat casualties were born within a few years of my birth year so we may have been in the same classrooms and walked in the hallways between classes.

When I worked in the high school library as a student aide, I may have helped one of them find a book for a class report.

The last casualty on the list— Willard Jr—served in the US Marines in the 1st Marine Division—the same division I served in while in Vietnam in 1966. Willard died a few months after I left the combat zone. Liptak, Talley and Kuebel were also Marines who enlisted from Glendora, California.

Sobering thoughts that my name could have been on that list too.

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Lloyd Lofthouse is a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran.

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