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village_voiceThere are many voices of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. One that caught my ear today is from Marine Sergeant Roman Baca.

His story, as told to  Jonathan Wei, is featured in the Village Voice. It’s about Baca’s life as a ballet dancer turned Marine combatant and how ballet brought him back after a tour in Iraq.

Here’s how he described a confrontation with his girlfriend who sat him down six months after he returned from deployment in Fallujah:

And she’s like, “You’re not OK. I don’t like the person you are.” She said I was anxious, I was depressed, I was angry. I was mean. I had some episodes when I was driving on the freeway, and traffic was getting bad. I wanted to ram into other cars.

That was part of the standard operating procedure when you were dealing with other cars in Iraq. You take care…

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