The Greenery

Scanning the Lonely Planet Cambodia Guide a few weeks before my trip, I ran across the following passage:


“Do not leave the roadside in remote areas, even for the call of nature. Your limbs are more important than your modesty.”

Holy. Smoke.

To my mind, the dangers of whizzing (or just strolling) in the woods have always included:

1. Poison ivy

2. Biting and stinging insects

3. Snakes

4. Frostbite

5. Wild boars

6. People with machetes and an axe to grind

7. Quicksand

8. Rednecks

Whereas, it never crossed my mind to fear:

9. Landmines

10. Unexploded ordnance

And so it happened that on day 4 of my Cambodian Odyssey, I found myself in A Remote Area, specifically a small village north of Kompong Thom town. We stopped en route for lunch at a small park with a simple, open-air restaurant. I couldn’t help but notice this amidst…

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