A View From The Middle (Class)

So, how much of an American am I?  Or am I un-American?

The young Army private shown in the photograph to the right is my Dad, John Miller, pictured from when he was serving in World War II.  He helped clean up the mess at Pearl Harbor, among other things in that war to end all wars.  Yes, he earned his way up to the rank of Sergeant by the time his Army days were over and he went home.

This black-and-white photograph of Dad was scanned, captioned, placed neatly into a glass-enclosed triangular case … along with the folded American flag that covered his casket on the day he was buried in central Idaho in October of 1960 after he was killed in a mining accident in Wyoming.  The flag was given to my mother, pregnant with me at the time, and she kept it tucked away until it…

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