The Ignorance and Danger of Trump Republicans includes Brain-Dead Lauren Boebert

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. A rebellion rages throughout the United States between Trump’s traitorous fascists and everyone else. There are fascists in every state and traditional conservatives, moderates, progressives, and liberals, are fighting them to save the GOP, the party of Lincoln.

Lloyd Lofthouse

Brain-Dead Boebert is a born-again Christian and a strident advocate of guns; she and her husband own a restaurant—Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado, where staff are encouraged to carry firearms

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.)…says she is “tired” of the U.S. separation of church and state, a long-standing concept stemming from a “stinking letter” penned by one of the Founding Fathers. Speaking at a religious service Sunday in Colorado, she told worshipers: “The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. That is not how our Founding Fathers intended it.” — Washington Post 6-28-2022

I wonder if Brain-Dead Boebert knows that there isn’t one church or religious sect in the United States. She must be talking about her church.Her profile lists her as a Christian but doesn’t identify which sect or denomination.

“Estimations show there are more than 200 Christian denominations in…

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2 thoughts on “The Ignorance and Danger of Trump Republicans includes Brain-Dead Lauren Boebert

  1. My first comment did not get through. I agree. I am just as afraid of brain dead voters and the brain dead who do not vote. Six people I know no longer plan to vote because both parties they perceive as being the same. Another person said we need a religion to run the government because all our problems will disappear once everyone obeys God’s law. This is why our liberty is in danger.

    • The problem with god’s laws is the flawed humans translating what the Bible says and even the translation influences those biased judgements by false prophets.

      It’s been years since I read about one of the world’s most devout, leading Christian Bible scholars visiting Israel from the U.S. to translate the original texts of the oldest known copies of the old testament (the Jews call it something else, the Torah maybe) dating back thousands of years. He wrote a book about what he learned. He also renounced his religion. I don’t remember the title of his book but it was something like The Lies told in Jesus Christ’s Name.

      Most of the scrolls were written in Hebrew, with a smaller number in Aramaic or Greek. Most of them were written on parchment, with the exception of a few written on papyrus. The vast majority of the scrolls survived as fragments – only a handful were found intact.

      What the modern world has as a Bible has been translated from Greek going back to the time of Ptolemy in Egypt. I’ve read that when the Jews were conquered by the Babylonians about 2,600 years ago and most if not all of their written religious texts were burned along with just about everything else. Ptolemy brought as many rabbis to Egypt as possible and had them write down what they remembered of the original texts but in Greek.

      So, after 3,000 years of oral tradition keeping the stories of God alive, Moses wrote the first copy of the ancient Jewish Bible but he died before he finished and his brother completed the task.

      Then centuries later most of those texts were burned by the Babylonians and brought back to life from memory in Egypt by the rabbis Ptolemy gathered. Then centuries later, the Roman Empires Emperor Constantine gathers all the leaders of the different sects of Christianity but not all of them show up, because the different sects didn’t agree on everything. Those that met, decided what would go into the New Testament and then there was the purge, an attempt to get rid of the Christians that didn’t agree with them. Hunting them down, killing them, burning their religious documents.

      Then the British King James comes up with his English version of the Greek translation of the Bible (Old and New Testament combined), but something new has been added to English, punctuation marks like commas and periods that didn’t exist before then. Where a comma might be placed could change the entire meaning of a passage in the Bible

      Fast forward to today and there are more than 400 different English translations of the Greek Bibles, and thousands of Christian denominations that do not all agree with what the word of God is. And most of what idiots think is the word of God isn’t because the Ten Commandments were the rules we had to follow, not the rest of it where they cherry pick passages for the list of rules they want to use to control the rest of us.

      So, what sect does Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Lauren Opal Boebert (R-Colorado) belong to because that is the one they and their dangerously dumber than dumb followers want that will tell the government what it can and cannot do?

      In short, these fools want the US to become like Iran where their selected religious leaders tell the political leaders and the rest of us what we are allowed to do and say.

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