How the WORSHIP of Reaganism threatens democracy and America’s public schools

There is a Civil War taking place in America. It’s between the working class and the top 0.01%, and the billionaires—for instance Bill Gates, Rupert Murdock, the Walton family and the Koch brothers—are winning and reversing time back to the age of the Robber Barons, widespread poverty and even the return of child slavery.

Crazy Normal - the Classroom Exposé

The Robber Barons of Public Education and the Wolves of Sesame Street are launching a major voucher battle in Congress through Lamar Alexander (R) of Tennessee; Luke Messier (R) of Indiana and Tim Scott (R) of South Carolina.  If these bills are successful in the US Congress, 63 percent of federal education funds would flow into private schools owned/supported by corporate CEO’s like the Walton Family, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdock and a few other billionaires.

The titles of the bills (wolves wearing sheep skin) disguise their real purposes: For instance, the Scholarship for Kids Act and the CHOICE Act.

Yes! Magazine, A UTNE Media Awards 2013 Winner, recently ran an expose, The Myth Behind Public School Failure, revealing the almost fifty-year plot that started with President Reagan’s policies that kicked off  a privately funded, public relations campaign that would be the envy of dictators like Hitler, Stalin and…

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4 thoughts on “How the WORSHIP of Reaganism threatens democracy and America’s public schools

    • How can I say that Reaganism threatens democracy?


      1. Trickle Down Economics—the foundation of shifting the wealth from, the people to the wealthy. Do some research and you will discover that before Reagan, the middle class prospered and poverty was shrinking and after Reason poverty started to increase and the spending power of the middle class lost ground while the wealthy gained more than 700% in their share of the wealth and very little of that money trickles down to create jobs for the growing class of people who live in poverty and the shrinking spending power of the middle class that hasn’t fallen into poverty yet.

      2. Federal National Debt. Reagan started the spend more than you earn mentality for the federal government and decades later how much debt does the federal government carry compared to when Reagan started to rush to spend more to help the rich grow richer off the burden of the rest of America.

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