I often see a bumper sticker on the back bumpers of cars on US streets that say “COEXIST”—a dream of many idealistic and ignorant Americans. I suspect this dream that we “all get along” will never materialize without much bloodshed.

To achieve coexistence, mankind would have to kill off every violent person on the planet: every bully, every sociopath, every narcissist, and every violent idealist such as American neoconservatives, white supremacists and every American ever convicted or suspected of a violent crime, etc.

There would have to be a blanket death sentence for all people that fit that description. Either that or we would have to lobotomize them all. As long as one violent person lives and walks free on the Earth we can never have a peaceful coexistence.

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Malala Yousafzai

THERE ARE no words of sufficient force to summarize this week’s attempted murder of fourteen year-old Malala Yousafzai, in the northwest Pakistan city of Mingora. Yet as shocking as this savagery is, there is nothing new about it either: depravity is the business of the Taliban franchise. There are however some lessons to be drawn from the years during which the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (abbreviated as TTP and known also as the Pakistani Taliban) terrorized the Swat valley and Mingora specifically.

The rise of the Pakistani Taliban coincided with, but was not an outcome of, the American and British entrance into the Northern Alliance battle against the Afghani Taliban. Here I should remind the reader that the Taliban of Afghanistan and Pakistan share a name and a list of enemies but little else. In structure, interests and objectives they differ, and excepting a short-lived declaration of common purpose — to…

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